What I Do For Fun!

I love nature. Hiking, kayaking, traveling, or hanging around bodies of water are my favorite activities. I’ll even hike in the winter! I travel often to Southern PA. They have tons of farmland where I tend to make friends with the local animals.

Food is love, food is life!

I’m a major foodie. I love trying out new restaurants and new foods! My favorite food is actually Asian cuisine but not many restaurants exist where I live, so I try out as places as I can when I travel.

Art & Video Games

I love playing video games. My favorite games are mainly war and strategy, time management, and lifestyle based. Some of my most played games are Lords Mobile, Rise of Kingdoms, GTA (all the them), The Sims (all of them), Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Mario anything, Smash Bros, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing (GameCube and Switch).

For art, I can hold a tune and paint/draw the most basic things but I really love just being creative. I could be labeled the worst artist in the world and I’d never care as long as I can create. The same goes for appreciating and seeing art. Even the most “huh, what were they thinking?” pieces intrigue me.

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