My Journey!

My life wasn’t always so simple. My story is a testament to the twists and turns that life throws our way, leading me from the world of mental health to the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.

Let’s dive into my career journey – a path that has been both challenging and rewarding.


My journey began in the empathetic world of mental health. Working at a mental health facility, I found fulfillment in helping people, regardless of how big or small their problems were. The human connection was my driving force, and it was invigorating. I spent about 2 years there throughout college.


My first degree was psychology. I was poised to make a bigger impact. But, as reality often dictates, financial pressures and the pursuit of growth meant my journey had to veer.


Despite my love for psychology, the limitations became apparent. The challenges of making ends meet and the ceiling that seemed impossible to crack without a master’s degree created a crossroads. Despite my freelance writing on the side, my client base wasn’t strong enough to forgo a full-time position. I faced a difficult choice – cling to my passion without the security I needed or pivot in search of new possibilities.


This pivot led me through the doors of retail and life working in a warehouse. These experiences were a far cry from the empathetic environment I cherished and were mentally and physically exhausting. 


However, each day offered lessons in resilience, adaptability, and the importance of hard work. These seemingly disparate roles became the stepping stones that brought me closer to my next chapter. I eventually made enough money to quit those jobs and work full-time as a writer. However, it wasn’t easy. The struggle of having to go without was still present. 


In 2021, I made a pivotal decision that would reshape my trajectory. Fueled by curiosity and my one true love of technology, I chose to embark on a journey into cybersecurity. It was a leap into the unknown, a field that fascinated me, offered growth potential, and importantly, the means to secure my financial future.


As I dove into the realm of cybersecurity, I was struck by the parallels between my two seemingly different worlds. Just as I sought to secure the well-being of individuals in mental health, I was now dedicating myself to securing the digital realm against threats. It was a revelation that aligned my past and present passions.


My journey is a tapestry woven with diverse threads. It’s a story that underscores the importance of adaptability, the pursuit of passion, and the necessity of finding a balance between what drives us and what sustains us. While my path may have twisted and turned, it’s a journey that I’m proud of, and it’s a journey that’s far from over.

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